Pistachios are the most expensive nuts to grow and process. As it is a key ingredient in the matcha spread, the price of the raw pistachio butter is reflected in the pricing of the product. Another premium ingredient in the matcha pistachio spread is matcha. We add a generous amount of it so that you can actually taste it and not just see it! There are absolutely no artificial flavors added to our spread.
Yes it is - the natural oils in the raw pistachio butter and vanilla creme rises to the top over time. Just stir it up and store it in the refrigerator. Keeping it cold will prevent the spread from separating.
Technically no, be we HIGHLY suggest that you keep it refrigerated to extend the freshness and to prevent the natural oils from rising to the top. The matcha spread has been formulated to stay spreadable after taking it out of the refrigerator. No need to let it wait to get to room temperature unless you want to use it as a drizzling sauce!
Once open (and stored in refrigerator), it is best consumed within 6-8 months.
They are manufactured in California, USA.